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Basketball Match

Training Services

Basketball IQ Training

Our private basketball lessons, led by knowledgeable and professional coach, inspire young players and help them grow to their potential.

Court Rental

We have one Full NBA size court and two PIAA Regulation Middle School Basketball Court which can be used for AAU/Travel practice, futsal, open runs etc...

  • 1 Hour Rental Full Court: $75

  • 1 Hour Rental Side Baskets: $60

Small Group Training

Our small group training sessions are designed to enhance a player’s overall skill set in a fun competitive environment. Boys and girls of all skill level are welcomed to attend and will be separated by skill level. Training sessions will be one hour long.

Shooting Machine Rental

Take advantage of our shooting machines which allow you to maximize the number of repetitions by rebounding and passing the ball for you.

  • Single Session: $30

  • Unlimited Membership: $39.99


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